Plants for Members

Plants for Members (P4M) is one of the Chapter’s more popular activities.  The goal of the program is to provide Chapter members with the opportunity to learn how to propagate rhododendrons and azaleas by rooting cuttings, obtain desirable and hard-to-find cultivars at bargain prices, and have fun doing it!

Meetings are held throughout the year on scheduled Saturdays, starting at 10:00 AM at Plane View Nursery, 770 Wapping Rd., Portsmouth, RI. See directions.

Many participants bring in cuttings of their favorites in late June through August.  The cuttings are trimmed and dipped in rooting hormone, then stuck in soil for rooting.  Starting in January, the group meets about every other Saturday to transplant cuttings that have rooted into individual pots.  The annual cycle culminates in early spring with a sale to P4M participants, donors, and Chapter members.  Remaining plants are sold at the Chapter’s plant sale or grown on for another year.

P4M is open to all members; new people are always welcome.  P4M is a great way to obtain rare and commercially unavailable plants, learn useful skills, and get to know some of the most experienced rhododendron people in the Chapter.

See Events for dates of upcoming workdays.

For further information, contact Fred Knippel at (978) 263-5694 or John or Sally Perkins at or (603) 898-3572.